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The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. ( stylized as ESTĒE LAUDER) is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of prestige skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care products, based in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The company owns a diverse portfolio of brands, distributed internationally through both digital commerce and retail channels. The Estée Lauder Companies brands include: Too Faced.

Jennifer shares her experience on, "I ordered Too Faced Better than sex mascara/eyeliner duo. I understand that it took a long time to deliver do to the crisis. However, when I received the products, my mascara was dry. I had to add water to it, and still doesn't do it. The eyeliner was fantastic. I have emailed and tried to get through to them but they do not respond!"


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Freelance (Former Employee) says

"I had an AE who was extremely unorganized, sexist, disrespectful of work/life balance, and someone who I truly felt I could not trust. It was a really disappointing experience considering I have been working in retail and for many other cosmetic brands for the past 10 years."

Creative (Former Employee) says

"From day one you are expected to adhere to nearly impossible standards that set you up for failure. The toxic mean girl attitudes that managers have towards entry-level talent is inexcusable, and HR does little to nothing to reprimand and solve issues. High turnover for creatives and 0% diversity in the offices also causes un-comfort for even the strongest and level-headed. Don't get caught up in the pink and glitter, this is not the company for humble, genuine, empathetic creatives.Free food, free beauty productsLack of diversity, lack of support, toxic workplace culture"

Freelance makeup artist (Former Employee) says

"Beware a company that withholds your pay after it was made clear that you would be paid for your time. I was told I was hired and asked to come in for training. After the training I received an email stating that my services were no longer needed. My reply to the email was understanding and I inquired how to get paid for the training I just attended. The response was that since they changed their mind, I no longer would be compensated for my time. I couldn't believe the nerve! How can a company with such deep pockets backpedal like that? Honor your word! It is illegal to withhold wages under ANY circumstance.Fabulous product lineIllegally withholding wages"

FREELANCE MAKEUP ARTIST (Former Employee) says

"The environment was fun until I would get my shift cut after only 2 hours of work. This would leave me getting barely half of the weekly hours I was told I would get. I would travel between mostly Ulta stores and Macy's locations. Both of which would be slower in the mornings and pick up towards the evening, however, I would never be given the chance to make sales goals numbers throughout the day. The hourly pay seems to be so high because the hours given to employees are so low."

Director (Current Employee) says

"Overall brand is fun to work on. With ELC acquisition there has been a lot of opposition to change. With new leaders there is hope for the culture to change. But the turnover is very high due to poor workplace culture."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Poor management/leadership, no career development or advancement, work/life balance is absolutely horrible, difficult to take vacation, ... i could go on and on"

Director (Former Employee) says

"The people were ok, but despite the fact that the owners (at that time) tried to make it a warm place to work, most of the home office employees ranged from shallow to cut-throat. There was a very territorial vibe, and if you were someone who wasn't based in the office day in/day out, you weren't made to feel very welcome. I'd like to think it's different now that a few toxic leaders have left and Estee Lauder is overseeing things."

Retail Marketing Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"No career advancement opportunities. No diversity. Minimal support from management. There’s a lot of gossiping that it feels like high school all over again.Free makeupQuite a few."

Retail artist (Former Employee) says

"If you plan on widening your skills as a makeup artist this isn’t the company for you. If you aren’t prepared to be “natural” and “pretty” and “pink” then you won’t be liked and it will be made obvious. I imagine this hierarchy and way of doing business will change when Estée Lauder completely take over. Hopefully."

Freelance Make up Artist (Former Employee) says

"I worked part time and some weeks I did not receive enough hours. They did not compensate for gas and I travelled at least an hour and a half each way. Boss promised me full time hours which I never received.Make up discountsUnstable schedule, poor management, lack of compensation"

Regional Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked for brand when it was still 'figuring out the business'. My paychecks were constantly late and a lack of communication from my coworkers. Loved the product and being able to train other employees and retailers, though."

Freelance Makeup Artist (Current Employee) says

"Amazing brand, very popular so it was easy to reach sales goals. Management was ok and usually got my schedule in advanced but they have some big issues with paycheques taking forever to arrive. Plus the cheques are U.S so the bank will freeze it for at least two weeks, apparently this problem will be fixed in 2020. I had to resign mostly because pay issue and needed something more stable."

Consulting Staff Accountant (Former Employee) says

"hours were crazy but good company. I was consulting so I wasn't an actual employee of the company. Liked the group of accountants I was working with. Software is easy to learn and they gave me a ton of make up!salaryhours"

Freelance Makeup artist (Current Employee) says

"When I first starting working for them I was excited because I was with and AE who had out her all into the company and her passion had shown through. She left shorty after and things got messy for higher ups. There was a disconnect because the position took months to fill. Unfortunately, that position took months to fill and the disconnect grew stronger. It was the first company that made me feel bottom of the barrel. I love what I do and I have a passion for the companies and products that I work with, I take it as my own, I met goals and more often then not, I achieved higher then my given goals. I waited months to receive my pay and it wasn't until I said I would take legal action that I would finally receive my pay checks. I unfortunately, was not the only one with this issue and the unprofessionalism I had to go through could leave someone feeling down trodden. But knowing other great companies Ive worked for, I realize this was more of a company issue then anything that had to do with me. I loved the products and I treat it like its my own, Typically, my day would consist of pulling customers and giving a woman my full attention, if time allowing, Retail, you sometime have to manage your time accordingly. I love giving customers and clients new tips and tricks that are simple and easy for the to replicate at home, That;s what is enjoyable. I learned over time that when you're treated less then that it is unacceptable especially when you go in and do you job and love it. I've rarely come across issue in my professional life and I do not expect perfection but simpleworking closely with peopleillegally withholding money that you've worked for"

Emma says

"Ordered 2 items, one of which was not included in the order. Customer service have rubbish generic, non-specific emails. All I'd like is the item to be sent or a refund!"

Jones says

"Absolute Mickey Mouse Factory! Before I purchased my order, at checkout it says two free samples which is a bonus as I needed new foundation and I don't know my shade. I spoke to someone on live chat because it wouldn't let me add to my order. I explained on chat that it says no minimum spend, my order totalled over £80 she said sometimes it doesn't work not everyone is eligible I told her it was false advertising and misleading. She proceeded to say that there wasn't anything she could do as I wasn't able to have the offer.. Anyway I proceeded to order.. I still haven't received my order. I have filled out there form 3 times and heard nothing back. I have sent an email to three separate email addresses and still no response! Do not buy direct from TOO FACED as they are a very Too Faced company. If you want any of there products oder from a third company."

Narmin says

"Ordered 2 concealers on the 24th december and all i got was an email with order number. After that, i didnt get any updates on my order and im currently on hold trying to talk to someone from customer services. Such terrible service!"

Chloe says

"ordered on the 24th of December, If i could give it a one star review i would and i would always now get it from boots. The tracking never changed when i went on a chat it would always say closed and i had no even managed speak to anyone, even went on twitter and it seemed everyone was having the same issue they dont respond or they send you automated message saying sorry babe! Its very unprofessional."

Honestly says

"Just terrible."

Amanda Fay says

"Would I recommend? Certainly not. I ordered 1 large eyeshadow pallet and 2 small eyeshadows on 27th December. They finally arrived today 8th January, with the larger eyeshadow missing. I have been on hold for 32 minutes and then they ended the call without speaking to me. I now have to speak to my bank to have the transaction cancelled. Hassle I can do without and not expected when you are supposed to be dealing with a reputable company."

Amy quigley says

"Wished I had read the reviews before ordering directly from too faced. I placed an order on 24th December. Got an email on 27th to say my order was being prepared, and now nothing. No dispatched notification. No tracking. Ive been charged. Really unhappy and will never order from them directly again"

Madhuri Rao says

"Terrible customer service. I ordered two products by mistake & wanted to return one. I am not able to generate return label & they are not sending me the return label. Trying since 5 months, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE."

Midey Adetoye says

"I wanted to cancel an order I JUST PLACED. Having gone through to customer service they told me it was too late to cancel the order and that I should refuse delivery when the tracking was updated. I asked who the delivery company were and was told they didn't know and to just for the tracking. 2 days later I received tracking information. I refused the goods as requested and two weeks later I got a refund excluding delivery. I find it outrageous that in 2020 we can't cancel orders that were placed the only minutes before?! I'll never be buying anything from too faced again. Ridiculous"

Stacey Lyons says

"Terrible experience ordering with too faced, I have now waited 16 days for my delivery to be told over email they have no trace of my order. I had to call them up to then be told that some of my items were out of stock!! Do not order from here!!"

1737342 says

"Terrible experience with Too faced, Ordered Christmas gifts for my daughter only one item arrived multiple items paid for but missing! Attempts to contact have repeatedly failed with emails not responded too and live chat closed. Just sent another email .... so disappointing & frustrating wish I’d just gone to boots!"

Sophia says

"Ordered item which arrived promptly. Item was clearly damaged and not in new condition. Contacted customer service who directed me, after 2 days to the US customer service helpline, which by then I'd already called the correct UK helpline. The first call someone hung up on me after I'd been waiting 15 minutes and the 2nd call I waited over 20 minutes and spoke to a really friendly man - who asked if I would prefer a refund or another item despatched - in which I asked for another item - great news i thought all resolved. I was advised within 15 minutes I'd receive an email confirmation. Almost a week later no email confirmation. Contacted the customer service team who replied and asked for me to confirm my email address.48 hours later still no response. Almost a week later no email and most importantly no replacement item. All in all very frustrating."

Selene Jones says

"Terrible service. You write regarding an order that is placed and you get no reply, you then are sent to the US live chat where they can’t help at all and just give you a link to the UK site and close their chat sharpish. The code you are provided with “welcome20” does not work."

Charming Serena says

"Worst eyeshadows in my entire life! Strange that on the internet everybody tells that these products are great...."

Mary says

"The experience couldn't have been more frustrating and their customer service less useful. I have been trying to get an answer for over a month now regarding an order that -first they said had got lost, -then due to international laws couldn't be shipped, -later it looked like the product contained certain forbidden ingredients. I did get a refund thankfully but the truth would be a great start instead of avoiding the question and replying with general emails that have nothing to do with my issue. By the way, the product is been sold in Europe so no idea what the truth is anymore! Pity they barely have any physical stores outside the US because the girls in the stores are lovely but their online service and online representatives are simply useless"

KTrapp says

"Horrible exchange and return policy at Too Faced Cosmetics. To exchange an item you have to chat online with a rep when they’re available. Then wait 2 days for a return shipping label. Then you have to place a new order of the product shade you want and pay for it AGAIN. Then you have to wait until they receive the item you’re returning. Then you have to wait many days for a refund & to receive the correct shade. All of this hassle due to their poor shade swatches on their website. Never again!"

Janina says

"I am based in the UK and recently tried to order a number of items on the Too Faced US website for sending internationally to the U.K. However when I go to check out it says they only ship to addresses within the United States. This is regardless of the type of products in my basket. So I cannot place my order. There are many products and offers available on their US website which simply aren’t available on their U.K. website nor in Boots, their official supplier. Customer service did respond promptly but ultimately said I cannot order from their US Website, only their U.K. website - with far fewer products. Unhappy. It is strange as I ordered previously from their US website over the summer and received the order in the U.K., but now I cannot order from Too Faced in the same way."